A Translator’s New Year’s Resolution

A Translator’s New Year’s Resolution

A Translator’s New Year’s Resolution


As the clock ticks and the time towards a new year draws closer, the achievement meter jumps into sight as it always does around this time of year to remind us of the unaccomplished promises we made to ourselves one year earlier. Some might have pledged to lose those few extra pounds or improve your language skills or achieve one example of success or another. One common goal is often related to profession; some might aspire to get a promotion, others to change career paths, or even to start your own private business.

Why New Year’s

New Year’s is a symbol for fresh beginnings and new starts, as it carries an international sense of motivation that gives people room for improvement and sets an end for year-long procrastination. In fact, New Year’s is the best time to start pursuing your goal as your motivation is expected to last longer than any other time of the year. So, what will it be? When it comes to personal goals, one may be willing to share little advice; but when it comes to professional work, more than a few suggestions can be made.

A Translator’s New Year’s Resolution

As translators in an ever-changing world of business and language, improvement becomes a necessity rather than an option. With New Year’s approaching, the perfect timing for a new set of goals is finally here.

1.      Slow down and breathe

Whether you are a freelance translator or working in a steady-paced 9 to 5 job, it is no secret that the nature of the job can sometimes get to you. Deadlines, wordcounts, client feedbacks, and every other nightmare starts haunting you around this time of year more than any other. For that reason, relaxing and taking a couple of deep breaths will surely lift your spirits and prepare you for the fresh load of words coming your way in 2020.

2.      Get in Touch with Potential Clients

The world of business depends mostly on your interpersonal communication skills to a far degree, as they can open new doors for otherwise missed opportunities to present themselves. Get up and going these holidays by connecting with your ex-colleagues and rekindling your social network, as that might pay off unexpectedly in the near future. Think of everyone around you as a potential client that might offer you the much awaited “Big Break”.

3.      Be More Organized

One important goal to look forward to this year is to become more organized in your work, both physically and figuratively. It can help you achieve more work with higher accuracy and a faster pace minus the pressure.

4.      Explore New Possibilities

Try working on a new software that was just released to the market or develop your skills in a new field of translation. If you are a proud technical translator, why not try taking a legal document for a spin? One never knows; you might end up shifting your area of interest altogether!

5.      Learn a New Language

Start 2020 with a trip to your favorite country, and you might end up learning its language too! Open up to new cultures and languages that would give your room for improvement on both the personal and professional scales. Polylingualism is the new trend, and familiarizing yourself with multiple languages offers you a point of advantage for sure.

6.      Dare to Dream

Never fall shy of dreaming a little bigger and reaching a little higher. Always aspire to achieve more by setting new goals along the way, and don’t be afraid to take risks in changing your field of specialty or going back for that certificate you once dreamt of. It is never too late to catch up with the world, but only if you start now!


A new year and a new decade finally approaching with the last ticks of the clock; a beginning that will hopefully bring us all more love, peace, happiness, and success on the way. Are you ready for such a change? Well, opportunity only knocks once and you better be there to answer!



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