General Manager
“Do it with passion or not at all.”
My responsibilities include managing localization projects, coordinating teamwork within and across different departments, developing streamlined workflow processes, and arranging meetings with our clients and partners, and assisting the quality assurance (QA) teams as needed. Sometimes, this means editing and reviewing translations; other times, it means creating glossaries and style guides.
My favorite part of working at e-Arabization is the team spirit. All team members are highly qualified in their field, so it’s nice to exchange knowledge and experiences with each other. I like the fact that all of us are driven by a shared work ethic and passion for translation and writing.
Outside of work, I enjoy swimming, hiking, cycling and most outdoor activities. Because I spend most of my time in front of a laptop screen, I feel the need to let go, breathe in the fresh air, and surround myself with nature in my free time.