Subtitling Department Manager
Subtitling is entertaining, fun, and a non-stop learning process. I just love it.
As a subtitler, my job is to transcribe spoken dialogue in videos (movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc.) into captions or subtitles. I take into account things such as reading speed, characters-per-line limits, timing, and positioning requested by the client. Finally, I review my work before the deadline.
“Major League Fishing” is one project that changed the way I think about subtitling. It made me realize that subtitling is not simply a word-by-word translation, but a process in which the subtitler must understand the content to convey the true meaning.
Outside of my work, I like to watch movies, TV shows and documentaries, which is why I became a subtitler in the first place. I also enjoy listening to music because of the relaxation it gives me.