“The most dangerous thing you can do in life is play it safe.”
Casey Neistat
After starting off the company from scratch, I juggle my responsibilities between setting the company’s vision and long-term development plans and managing the company’s overall performance, client relations, and finances.
The most memorable project we worked on was commissioned by a client who had previously changed translation companies five times prior to coming to us. Initially, I approached this project with great caution and fear. However, I realized there was no need to feel that way since I believed in my team and our capabilities—and so long as we our best and work with all our hearts. Long story short, this client is our favorite and has continued to partner with us since 2008! J
At e-Arabization, we are like a family in which each team member plays a different role. Because everyone has a different personality, you can always count on receiving a diverse range of opinions after consulting each member.