QA Specialist
Translation Department
My work is a challenge, but one that I love and am willing to give my best to win every single day.
My responsibilities include reviewing, editing, and verifying the quality (QA) of the translation before delivering the final product to our clients. In addition, I handle some translation projects and conduct QA checks of client websites. Moreover, they often involve direct contact with clients to arrange for delivery of projects and discuss any related queries.
Out of all the projects on which I have worked, the one that made the greatest impression on me was about social media and mobile journalism. I was moved by the relentless determination of people under subjugation to communicate with one another despite scarce resources and countless limitations, as well as the effort journalists would exert to track the true story among many misleading news sources.
Outside of work, I am a typical bookworm who finds utmost comfort in the pages of books. I also do some writing from time to time. Not a day passes without meaning when listening to music; in particular, I am dedicated to classical music. The reason I prefer these activities over others is that I can relate to myself better during those times.