e-Commerce Department Manager
Translation Department
Work hard in silence; let your success be your noise.
My day-to-day responsibilities involve coordination with the clients and gathering their requirements in order to facilitate a clear work base for our team in general, distributing tasks amongst the team, and consulting them on daily bases to stabilize our grounds for more confident and smoother takeoffs in the future.
Delivering the task is something interesting, but the most interesting part of my job is the team and the friendly way the team members act, you can't see their jokes and hilarious responds coming, but when they do it will make your day!
There are uncountable amount of projects that changed my approach and perspective, yet the most memorable one took place during the time I always used to tackle projects using a primal brute force approach depending only on my experience, which was useful until the moment I faced an urgent huge project that after many hours of working I found it impossible to be delivered, luckily I was blessed by great colleagues who suggested technical approaches and helped me to deliver what worth a week of work within a couple of days. The lesson I learnt was to be a team player and to have a flexible mentality that adapts to any circumstance efficiently.
I like music in general, heavy metal in particular, and I can always find a sanctuary in playing the guitar. I also like video games and the way they break the restrictions of real life, fighting and racing simulation are my favorites.