Machine Translation: Good News For Money-Saving Humans

18 January 2021

Machine translation (MT for short), is what you get when you feed a computer a bunch of words and ask it to give them back to you in another language.

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FAQ: Should You Translate Your Ecommerce Website From English to Arabic?

10 January 2021

Ecommerce, e-commerce, eCommerce, whichever way you spell it, the question remains a frequently asked e-Arabization conundrum; should you translate your ecommerce website from English to Arabic? 

How You Can Help: 5 Content Marketing Tips for a Crisis

05 January 2021

If you’re looking for unprecedented times, then you’ve come to the wrong blog post. 

With over 192,000,000 results available when you Google ‘unprecedented times’, it seems like the internet is completely saturated with lazy crisis communication.