Instagram's translation feature update, and how social media giants are translating your content in real time

06 October 2021

This week we’re taking a look at how Instagram’s latest translation feature update is helping bridge a huge communication gap on the platform.
Read on to find out everything you need to know about translation on all the major social media platforms.

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5 Arabic-speaking content creators who are paving the way on social media

14 September 2021

If you watch Arabic content online, then you’re one of only 5.2% of users who currently browse the internet in Arabic!
With 466 million people speaking Arabic globally, content marketing in Arabic is a golden opportunity for businesses who want to land an impact in Arabic-speaking markets.
Check out our latest blog post to find out who comes out top when it comes to Arabic speaking content creators on social.

Dubai Expo 2020: everything you need to know about the (1 year delayed) event

06 September 2021

With less than a month before the doors are thrown open on the most innovative, exciting global happening in recent times, we’re unpacking everything you need to know if you’re planning a visit to Dubai Expo 2020.
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