Translation fails: 10 times when bad translations made us laugh out loud

03 August 2021

Here’s a round-up of our 10 favourite English and Arabic translation fails from around the world and a quick breakdown of some of the most damaging (and common) errors that people make when they don’t translate their content professionally.

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Content creation vs. content curation: the difference and the benefits

27 July 2021

With all the ‘c’s involved, it’s easy to confuse ‘content creation’ with ‘content curation’, but the similarity between these two content marketing methods begins and ends with their spelling.

If you’re ready to grab content marketing by the horns, but you’re not sure what method to tackle first, then cancel your morning planning meeting, and read this before you do anything else.

Marketing for Eid Al Adha: sensitive social media guidance for responsible brands

18 July 2021

Marketing around Muslim holidays has the obvious benefit of increasing business opportunities - but proceed with caution.
Insensitive advertising tactics can have the opposite effect and will turn off your Muslim customers.
We strongly recommend a thoughtful, educated approach to any marketing around religious holidays - i.e. do your research first.
Globalizing your content isn’t limited to translating your content into other languages.
Brand globalization also means understanding the things that matter to your global customers and serving them with culturally and religiously appropriate messages and offerings.

We’ve scoured the internet for our favourite examples of Eid marketing to inspire you, we hope you find them useful.