Bookmark this checklist before translating your business website into Arabic

16 May 2021

Whatever business you’re in, targeting Arabic speakers should be at the top of your to-do list in 2021, and that’s why we’ve created this comprehensive checklist to help you on your way to developing a successful Arabic language version of your website.

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Eid preparation: the hospitality translation checklist

09 May 2021

With only weeks left until Eid Al-Fitr, hotels, resorts, restaurants and cafes in some parts of the MENA region will be gearing up for their first major cash injection since the pandemic abruptly shut down the global hospitality sector over a year ago.

If you work in hospitality and you’re getting ready to safely welcome guests, we’ve prepared a communication checklist to get you ready for the 2021 Eid vacation period.

The ‘can’t find address’ challenge: making e-commerce work for the Middle East

03 May 2021

In this week’s blog, check out how cutting-edge shipping and delivery companies are addressing the tricky postal address situation in the Gulf, and helping US brands ship their products into the hands of tech-savvy customers with money to burn, and nowhere to send their purchases.